• Weight Loss

    Lindsay will work with you to create a personalized, tailored nutritional plan to help you stay on track with your weight loss or maintenance goals. We will determine your calorie and nutrient needs to come up with a meal plan to fit into your schedule and lifestyle so you can learn how to control portions, make better choices and still enjoy your food. We will discuss strategies to overcome hurdles like eating out, traveling and celebrations that have potential to derail healthy choices.


    Complimentary Initial Consultation

    We will discuss attainable goals; gather weight, medical, family illness history as well as current eating habits and dietary preferences. Together, we can start to develop a daily plan for you to use as a meal and snack guideline going forward. We will also discuss use of a food diary and tools to manage your workout schedule and daily stressors that may trigger poor eating.


    Plan for Success

    Follow-up sessions will be used to track progress, address questions and concerns and reassess goals. These sessions can be purchased as a set of three or five or nine visits in addition to the consultation.



  • Overall Wellness and Health

    Counseling is provided on basic nutrition and health guidelines for specific conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes management. Lindsay will work with you to foster a better understanding of these diseases and enhance comprehension of how diet can alleviate symptoms, decrease use of medication and help clients feel and look their best.



  • Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition

    Assist families with healthy habit formation. This often involves family counseling sessions and a kitchen makeover to help bring fresh, nutrient rich foods into your home. We can help your kids kick the sugar and learn to understand portion sizes, better snack options and provide tools to help create a healthy relationship with food.

  • Sports Nutrition

    We will educate athletes on proper proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fat to help achieve desired fitness goals. Whether you are training for a marathon or triathlon or simply incorporating more fitness into your everyday, we can help optimize workouts by showing you how to fuel your body properly. We will help you increase endurance, strength and reduce fatigue with better food choices.

  • Eating for Expecting Mothers

    Work with Lindsay to understand all the benefits of healthy eating while pregnant. Through education we will explain the need for extra calories, what your healthy weight gain should be and how to optimize nutrition at this critical time.  We can go over supplementation and nutrient rich meal and snack options as well. Once the baby is born we can adjust the program for breastfeeding and working towards weight loss goals to get back that pre-baby body.

  • Special Occasion Preparation

    Lindsay will give you to the tools to lose weight and tone up the right way before your big day. We can build a foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits as well as helping you look and feeling your best on that special day.